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~ Na'masaje Bodyworkers ~

Courtney S.

Courtney majored in psychology & communication at Boise State University, with an emphasis in addiction and trauma related studies. She has worked in memory care & assisted living homes, & spent the past few years caring for her father who passed away from cancer. These experiences have given her a deeper understanding of how energy & healing impact the mind, body & soul are. She has spent the past 15 years studying how to do the inner work in order to understand, appreciate & achieve a life of gratitude.

Kirt H.

Kirt has always had a passion for healing in others and has explored this through helping family members and friends dealing with everyday ache and pains. Kirt was about 10 years old when he began actively perusing healing through touch. Kirt has completed medical assistant certification through Carrington college.

Kirt will continue to develop more skills to better help himself and others along this healing adventure.

Katy W.

Katy is enthusiastic & passionate about providing people an experience of relaxation & activation of their healing potential through a variety of modalities so they can have an optimal life experience. She holds a Masters of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine, a 200-RYT certificate in Yin & Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra, & a 220-hr. Kundalini Yoga teacher certification. She loves to expand her knowledge & expertise in holding space & guiding others to healing & realization of their truest self.

McKalaya Q.

Mikayla is an intuitive, empathetic healer that graduated from College of Western Idaho achieving an Associate’s of Arts Degree with a focus on Anthropology. She loves traveling, exploring holistic medicine and studying spiritual healing. Her background includes personal training and Healthcare. She specializes in intentional touch & strives to bring trust, joy and open communication to every interaction she has. She loves music, animals, anything outdoors, & serving her community.

Lavi B.

Lavi is a yogi at heart. Her main purpose is exploring the body’s incredible ability to heal & balance itself. Her passion for healing was ignited while exploring the human mind-body connection through her BA in Psychology. She later earned her yoga certification in an immersive Indian Ashram center & expanded her expertise with a year-long Ayurvedic training. Lavi is heart-centered, determined in her practice, & a diligent listener who cares about meeting the needs of her clients & their bodies.

Colleen M.

Colleen is an intuitive lightworker as well as an avid learner & lover of life. A former teacher & psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, she is from a military family, living in 9 states but calling Idaho home for 24 years. Her passions include: martial arts, yoga, working out, hiking & hot springs. Colleen also loves crystals, essential oils, plants & music festivals. A holistic enthusiast, she is learning Reiki & energy sound healing. She is a firm believer in body, mind, & soul connection.

Kelly A.

Kelly has had a natural gift for bodywork since she was young, and has decided to finally pursue her talent! She has specialized in animal care and hospitality, being trusted in people’s homes with their pets. Kelly also has been a tarot reader for the last 7 years and has been a facilitator at a sweat lodge. Kelly looks forward to being able to take her energy and bodywork to the rest of the world through traveling after finishing her work in Boise.


Shawnte has a passion for learning, exploring, and helping create. She is an Idaho native, currently restoring the farmstead that’s been in her family since the Korean War. She facilitates Sweat Lodges for the community to help with releasing and healing. She has extensive travel experience and loves to adventure and explore with her two amazing children. Mother to more than just humans, she also cares for a variety of farm animals and raises an organic garden.

Cameron S.

Cameron has an interest in Eastern culture and a love of movement. Practicing Na’masaje blends these two interests together in a powerful way. Cameron has firm pressure and smooth movement, which provides peace and comfort to all of his clientele. He is excited to learn more as he continues his bodywork journey.

Tessa K

Tessa graduated with an Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, studying anatomy & kinetics extensively. Heavily involved in consistent physical activity, injury recovery and mental health improvement, her hobbies include running, strength training, Kundalini meditation, yoga, drawing & reading. Now passionate in providing personal training for her clients, she hopes to integrate the incredibly necessary modalities of muscle recovery with bodywork and reflexology to emphasize the benefits of both.

RaNae H.

RaNae has a rhythmic and unique adaptive style touch and is attentive to all of her clients’ journeys. She has extensive experience with the body and is expanding her knowledge with Thai bodywork, Kinesiology and Cranial Sacral Therapy. RaNae is passionate about art, music, fitness, nutrition and holistic medicine. She is a hobbyist in Urban homesteading and playing guitar. She is dedicated to bring trust, joy and open communication to each interaction with another soul.

~ Na'masaje LMT ~

Audrey P.

Audrey attended Thousand Oaks Healing Arts Institute in the early 2000s. She truly enjoys helping & healing people through bodywork. With over 20 years of experience, you will definitely be in good hands. She combines both Deep Tissue & Swedish techniques to give you a massage that is both therapeutic & relaxing. She also specializes in cupping, hot stones, stretching & pregnancy massage.

~ Energy Work ~

Justine J.

Justine has a warm, peaceful presence that helps promote relaxation and healing. She offers Reiki energy work sessions and is committed to providing her clients with the highest quality of care and support. Her passion is helping people connect with their inner wisdom and heal on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She wishes to continue growing and healing to spread love and light in the world.

~ Apprentices ~

Paul R.

Paul grew up in Western Washington as a Preachers kid. He has experienced many different things in life both in the spiritual and the physical. His fields of work have been everything from food service, management, Utility Locating and 17 years of truck driving. With Na’masaje, Paul incorporates skills from Martial Arts, energy work, sports and weight training. He has chosen this path as a better way of life and to help other humans.

Sandy S.

Sandy has enthusiastically pursued a life of helping others embrace and realize the healing potential within themselves. She has studied the mind, body and soul connection for years. She has a certification in Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Healing Touch. Her passions include reading, hiking, meditation, essential oils and spiritual practices. Sandy is excited to work in a field that is true to her life’s purpose of helping heal others.

Kya M.

Kya is a student of healing. Her focus is on physical, mental/emotion, and spiritual liberation, and union. Her interests are herbal medicine and healing touch, pranic/energy therapy, affirmation and meditation. She’s a spiritual independent and aspirant yogi. Kya is a lifelong learner who is always seeking new ways to expand her knowledge and understanding of the body. She is passionate about her work and is always looking for new ways to help people achieve their healing goals.

Cat H.

Cat is currently seeking an undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Boise State. She has lived in Boise most of her life since moving from Thailand in 2007. Her hobbies include art, sculpting and finding new ways to stay active. Cat enjoys bodywork because of her appreciation in healing and the incorporation of Thai practices. Her big goal is to create a career in helping people heal.

Krislyn A.

Krislyn is a current criminal justice and psychology major at BSU. She is passionate about helping people and understanding how they work. Krislyn is a natural caregiver with a warm and compassionate demeanor. Krislyn is a hard worker and is always willing to go the extra mile. She is confident in her ability to provide clients with the physical and mental relief they seek.

Lauren H.

Lauren has a drive and passion for natural healing. She is a senior at Boise State University studying public health and epidemiology and is also learning more about energy and how it relates to our body, mind, emotions, and health. She loves to be outside, especially in the Idaho mountains. Lauren is warm and friendly. She loves yoga, meditation, mindfulness, gardening, hiking, and gokart racing.

Eric Deegear


Eric has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010. After years of training with other like-minded professionals in Texas, he moved to Idaho to experience the great outdoors and Northwestern freedom. He’s grown his practice here in Boise through a combination of service and education. An expert healer with a highly intuitive approach, Eric is dedicated to helping his clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

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Paul R.

Paul grew up in Western Washington as a Preachers kid. He has experienced many different things in life both in the spiritual and the physical. His fields of work have been everything from food service, management, Utility Locating and 17 years of truck driving. With Na’masaje, Paul incorporates skills from Martial Arts, energy work, sports and weight training. He has chosen this path as a better way of life and to help other humans.

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