Na’masaje Thai Bodywork

Welcome to Na’masaje

Our unique Na’masaje bodywork style was created by Eric Deegear, the owner of Na’masaje. It is a combination of all the best techniques either created or curated by him through his 13 years as a massage therapist. Na’masaje bodywork combines Thai stretching, acupressure, reflexology, and neck/hand work that provides all the same benefits as a regular massage. He decided to train up his own team of bodyworkers to provide this service to keep the vision and techniques purely Na’masaje. We have received over a hundred raving reviews across our online platforms from clients who have experienced this new, ancient, style. 

We still have traditional massage therapists available, however our bodywork team has far more availability for appointments.

What sets Na’masaje apart:

1: Acustretching. Na’masaje bodywork has stretching & acupressure

2: Clothing. Na’masaje bodywork clients wear flexible clothes instead of draping.

3: Extras. Na’masaje bodywork can include hot stones, cupping, energy work, pulse gun & buffer.

Na’masaje Thai Bodywork

Na’masaje Bodywork Natural Recovery. Based on Traditional Thai Bodywork, our signature Na’masaje will leave your body well-stretched & balanced, and lead you into a deep, relaxed state free from stress. These are active sessions where the therapist combines joint manipulation, accupressure, mobile stretching and pulse gun therapy. This modality is the best of both worlds: relaxation and that perfect pressure to restore your body.

Important Notes:

  • You will be clothed for this service. Please wear comfortable, flexible pants & shirt.

  • Service will be on a therapy table.

  • During the session, your expert will slowly guide your body through stretches, compressions & techniques.

  • Relaxing CDB oil and hot stones will be integrated into your session.

NOTE: You will be working with one of our Na’masaje apprentices. As per traditional Thai, services will be performed in a shared room, which is perfect for couples appointments!